March 23, 1923 (14th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles A. Stewart (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Minister of Mines; Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)


Mr. STEWART (Argenteuil):

Their salaries were charged to the vote for the outside service. They are now taken into the Immigration staff, and their salaries charged to the Immigration appropriation. I will give the list of names, as that is possibly the quickest way.
S. N. Reid, maximum $2,160
J. W. Speed, immigration inspector 1,560
A. H. Jones, immigration inspector 1,320
Miss H. G. Parkinson i,H0
A. F. Youngs, immigration inspector.. .. 1,335
Lee S. Yen, immigration interpreter 1,200
Peter Coney, caretaker l ,080
John Earnshaw 1,065
J. C. Kirk, clerk 2,280
G. A. Stevens, departmental accountant
general *
1,980W. C. Taylor, engineer stationary heating.. 1,800H. S. Ferguson, filing clerk
1,080A. E. Allen, clerk stenographer
1,065C. E. Wilson, immigration inspector
1,560Harold Crump, immigration inspector.. .. 1,320Paul Lung, immigration interpreter.. .. 1,260YiP Sing
1200H. W. Wilson, inspector
1,260Edmund Wilson, guard
900A. J. Williams, guard
900W. J. Lowe, caretaker
1,080A. C. Green, elevator operator
885H. Glover, immigration inspector Union Bay 900R. H. Banham
900R. H. Halhed
Lee Frank Hong, interpreter, Winnipeg,
Man 200
Wong Ham, Montreal, interpreter 200
A. Regimbal, immigration agent general, Montreal 1 920
This gives a total of $34,540, the number of employees being 28 as against 19 last year. Included in this are the ordinary statutory increases which with the salaries of these extra nine amount to $12,555 over last year's vote. There is also an additional expenditure that has come up since the inception of the Narcotic Drugs Act. The Immigration department are virtually acting as policemen


after convictions, and their work in this regard has added to the expenses of the Immigration Act. I shall have more to say in regard to these points later. There is a provision in the Immigration Act for registration, but I would prefer to discuss that later. These are items that make up the $25,000 additional.

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