June 21, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Arthur Meighen (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I understood the chairman of the committee to say that it received power to make a special report beyond the specific purview of the two bills committed to it. But, of course, that committee never received any power to amend the bill. Anyway, its report recommends an amendment to the Immigration Act, and that alone, the amendment leaving the act in the shape in which it would have been left if the bill introduced in 1920 in the Senate by Senator Robertson, then Minister of Labour, had carried through both Houses, or if the bill introduced last session in this House had passed the Senate. In substance that is the report of the committee. I concur in the report.
The amendment to the Immigration Act to which Bill No. 16 specifically refers, and which it seeks to repeal, was passed in the spring of 1919. It had the effect of placing immigrants of a certain class, though they may have come from Great Britain

Immigration-Criminal Code
in the category as to power of deportation that immigrants of a similar class or other undesirable classes had already been in who came from another country. Much of what has been urged by the hon. member for Centre Winnipeg (Mr. Woodsworth), and, from his point of view, consistently, because he believes in changing the whole law-not only in wiping out the amendment of 1919, but in altering the whole basis of the deportation law; everything, indeed-

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