June 21, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Albert Blellock Hudson


Mr. A. B. HUDSON (South Winnipeg) :

Mr. Speaker, I was a member of the special committee which considered the matter under discussion. The committee after considering the bill for a short time came to the conclusion that it was impossible to recommend its passage in the form presented, for it had the effect of doing many things which its promoters evidently did not intend, and of doing many other things with which the committee could not agree. As a result we asked the House for permission to make a special report, and the chairman of the committee has just presented it to the House.
That special report has been made in this form because we found that the deportation clauses of the Immigration Act were in such a confused condition that we

Immigration-Criminal Code
could not, within any reasonable time, propose to the House any amendments which would meet all the considerations the hon. member for Centre Winnipeg (Mr. Woodsworth) wished to have brought forward or that the members of the committee themselves thought should be dealt with. We have therefore made this report, bringing to the attention of the House three matters which we all agreed ought to be corrected. We did not intend in any way
to limit the scope of the revision of the act; we left that open for the House, or for the body which the House might appoint, to deal with in the future. We had no desire to limit in any way any proposal which the hon member for Centre Winnipeg might wish to put forward when a new bill in a form which could reasonably be considered should be brought before the House.

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