June 16, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Arthur Bliss Copp (Secretary of State of Canada)



The present administration
is not claiming any credit for the Civil Service Commission; at the same time it is not assuming any blame. I am standing as a sort of godfather to the estimates now before the committee, we having had nothing whatever to do with their preparation. We are asking for quite a large sum of money to carry on the work of the Civil Service Commission during the ensuing year, for which work this Administration is prepared to assume responsibility. I feel sure that both the members of the Government and of the Civil Service Commission will co-operate to secure the fullest efficiency of the public service. I do not think that the commissioners themselves feel they have realized the ideal efficiency which we all desire to see in the departments. I do not suppose it was really the intention when the first Civil Service Act was passed that the control of the Outside Service should be so suddenly forced upon the Commission, but naturally during the war period a great deal of extra responsibility had to be assumed by it. This has been a very valuable discussion and I am sure the commission will be very glad to receive the suggestions made by hon. members to-night. I sincerely trust that with the appropriation we are asking for the coming year a great deal of splendid work will be accomplished towards increasing the efficiency of the public service throughout the Dominion.

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