June 16, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Lewis Herbert Martell



I was not fired, I resigned of my own volition to drive out some scalawags of the Tory party who were bungling the affairs of the country. But the point I am trying to make is that there will be no efficiency in the service so long as the deputy ministers and ministers are not in a position to recognize ability in their staff. My hon, friend from St. John has interpolated a political and personal note. I submit, Mr. Chairman, that my remarks do not afford him the slightest justification. I was simply blaming the system which has obtained for some considerable length of time. But politics- mean, low, personal politics, is so much akin to the nature of my hon. friend from St. John that he cannot give one credit for a sincere desire to advance the best interests of the country. I would like also
to inform the hon. gentleman that if he wishes to discuss political issues I am prepared to meet him, for I am ashamed neither of my own political record nor of my party's. As he is so curious, I may inform him that I was in the department, but I defy him to get any minister .who presided over the department during the time I was an official in it to state that I did not perform my duty diligently and efficiently.

Topic:   EDITION
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