June 16, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Alan Webster Neill



Dispensary. He got a few shots andJ he was going home, his head nodding and his team travelling along at an easy pace. The king pin that holds the trees on to the tongue of the wagon came out-the farmers will understand this-and consequently the horses went on ahead and they pulled the reins through his hands. Tom was left sitting in the wagon; the team went home, and, of course, they stopped when they reached home. Tom sat there the whole night still, he thought, hanging on to the reins and thinking that

it was taking the team a long time to get home. Next morning the neighbours turned out to see what was the matter when they saw the team standing at the barn. They found Tom along the road still hanging on, as he thought, to the reins; they stirred him up and said: "What's the matter?" Tom looked around and scratched his head, and said: "If I am Tom Smith, I have lost a team and if I am somebody else, I have found a wagon. That is the situation here to-day. If we are Tom Smith, we have lost a team, and if we are not Tom Smith, we have found a wagon.

Topic:   EDITION
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