June 16, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hermas Deslauriers


Mr. HERMAS DESLAURIERS (St. Mary) (Translation):

whose efficiency was not to be gainsaid, were deliberately cast aside. When we came to enquire about the qualifications of this young man who, on the recommendation of the higher Library officials, climbed from the position of messenger to that of assistant secretary or book-keeper, I do not know exactly, the one who had recommended him was not aware whether he had passed any examinations. To the truth of this statement, the Speaker of the House of Commons might bear testimony as he was chairman of this committee. You cannot imagine the answer we were given! Mr. Tache in his answer put down a date which allows me to state, that at that time, the person whom he recommended could hardly have been born. Well, Mr. Chairman, do you think that Parliament can ratify the acts of this Civil Service Commission, which acts on such information as I have just stated? I contend that under the present circumstances, when we must ever be practising economy, we have no right to waste the money of the Public Treasury.
In the money order branch of the Post Office Department, there is a young clerk with twelve or fifteen years' experience, who has trained three of his companions to the work that is done in that branch. Now, of late, high officials of this Department-as in the case I was mentioning a moment ago -recommended to the Civil Service Commission those three pupils, the first of which is deserving, the second being so, so, and the third utterly worthless; however, their "coach" was deliberately kept in the background although his record is most satisfactory.
There is in the Naturalization branch of the Department of the Secretary of State- we must look into every corner-a licentiate of laws-a qualification which is essential for that kind of work-who took a full course of classical studies; and next to him is a man who has had only a very elementary education, with no legal knowledge, whose salary nevertheless, is higher than his own.

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