June 14, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Frederic Kay


Mr. KAY:

Mr. Speaker, in rising to
move concurrence in the fifth report of the select standing committee on Agriculture and Colonization, I have only a few remarks to make. The question was first brought up on a memorandum presented to the Government by the Canadian Council of Agriculture, asking for the re-establishment of the Wheat Board of 1919. This memorandum was, on the 27th of March, referred to the select standing committee on Agriculture and Colonization. That committee proceeded to hear expert witnesses both for and against the re-establishment of the Wheat Board, amongst those witnesses being representatives of councils of agriculture, elevator companies, millers, grain dealers, the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, boards of trade, and also Messrs. Stewart and Riddell, members of the former Wheat Board. The committee also received telegrams, letters and petitions from various sources, both for and against the re-establishment of the board. The question of the constitutionality of the re-establishment of the Wheat Board having been raised, the matter was referred to the law officers of the Crown for
their opinion. Their opinion was laid on the Table of the House on the 19th of April last; it will be found in Hansard of that date. The recommendation of the committee for concurrent legislation by this Parliament and the provincial legislatures is based on procedure adopted in Australia. It was also suggested in the committee that if legislation were passed by this Parliament, it should be provided that any province taking advantage of a wheat board, should become responsible for any loss sustained by the board and should become possessed of any profits made therein. As the minutes of the proceedings of this committee contain all the evidence taken, and as these have been distributed amongst members of the House, who, I am sure, have read them all, I leave the matter for the consideration of the House.

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