June 9, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Richard Motherwell (Minister of Agriculture)



I will take that up with my staff. I can imagine that, with some kinds of potatoes, you would not be able to get the required weight in the package. We are trying to sell by weight, and it is thought this barrel will hold, with any reasonable kind of potato, the required amount. With regard to section two, it will be noticed that it provides for certain exemptions. Certain kinds of early potatoes come here before our own potatoes are ready for use. They are undersized potatoes, only partly matured. These would not qualify under the act, and are allowed to come in without being graded. There are certain other grades allowed to come in without being graded, because you cannot test them with the eye. You must have a test for fungus development in those potatoes, to see that there is no fungus disease, but not a chemical test. There are a number of exemptions of that nature. But I will not take up the question of the barrel now, because I do not feel any too sure about it. I frankly admit I do not know anything about it, but if we are going to designate it either by pounds or cubic inches, I rather think cubic inches is the preferable method.

Supply-Welland Canal

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