June 7, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Ernest Lapointe (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)



Well, perhaps, if it
had done it in 1908 many of the friends of my hon. friend would have defeated the party instead of defeating it in 1911. i My hon. friend from Dufferin (Mr. Wbods), who spoke in this debate, knows that almost all the farmers of his country voted against reciprocity in 1911. The same thing happened in most of the rural constituencies of Ontario and in many of the western constituencies. I heard my hon. friend from Portage la Prairie (Mr. Leader) make an open confession that he voted against reciprocity. Well, he will be forgiven much for having so confessed. On the other hand, he is taking away some of the merit which he would have by saying immediately afterwards that the Liberals had been unfaithful to their pledges. Who was unfaithful on that occasion? Do we deserve to be told that we have not kept our pledges? When we tried to enforce them, we were defeated through not receiving the support of many of the hon. members who are now criticizing
us for not having done so. The policy of the Liberal party is not one of free trade, but of freer trade by way of a revenue tariff. That was the policy of the great leader under whom I am proud of having received my political education. By that policy I have always stood and by that policy I stand to-day. The right hon. leader of the Opposition (Mr. Meighen) has stated in some of his speeches that there are only two systems, protection and free trade, and that a tariff revenue meant protection.

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