June 7, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Gibson Coote


Mr. G. G. COOTE (Macleod) :

A report is current that the Government contemplate removing the detachment of mounted police that is at present stationed at Macleod, and I have been asked by the citizens of that town to point out to the Government that at Macleod is located the oldest established mounted police station in Alberta. The town of Macleod and the mounted police are so closely associated that the citi-
[Mr. Lapointe.|

The Budget-Mr. Lapointe
zens feel that if a detachment of the Royal Mounted Police is to be maintained anywhere in southern Alberta it should be at Macleod. I would ask permission to read one or two sentences from a letter I have received upon the subject:
If the police are to be maintained anywhere in the south then Macleod should have first claim as tihe town owes the fact of Its existence to the police post here and nowhere I believe outside of Regina have they a more complete equipment in the way of buildings, grounds, horse pasture, etc. The history of Macleod and the police is so interwoven that it is hard to disassociate one from the other, and it would be with keen regret the citizens would see this association broken.
I do not wish to make the question lengthy, but I would ask the Government to consider carefully before removing the detachment from Macleod, and if possible to give some assurance to the citizens of that town that the matter will receive every consideration.

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