May 10, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)




1. What is the present estimated cost of briquet coal per ton at the Bienfait mines?
2. What heat units per pound does the lignite briquet, at Bienfait, show?
3. In the process of investigation, is the board tied down to the process of briquetting only?
4. Is the briquetting of the aforementioned coal the only feasible means of efficient mechanical treatment?
5. Has the board taken into consideration the burning of lignite coal in pulverized form?
6. If not, why?
7. What was the initial estimated cost of completing the experiment?
8. What amounts have been expended by, (a) The Dominion Government; (b) The Manitoba government; and (c) The Saskatchewan government, in relation to the whole work carried on at Bienfait?
9. What prospects are there of any valuable by-products as a result of the investigation that is taking place?

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