March 26, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


I would like to tell the hon. gentleman, as one who was there, that the racial question was never mentioned, so far as I know, either on the platform or off the platform.
I am bound to take the word of the hon. member for East Grey (Mr. Sproule), but not long before he uttered that statement he had a copy of this paper which I hold in my hand in his possession, and he brought up in the House as a matter of privilege, a statement contained in that paper, and when the Speaker ruled him out on that point he brought up, on going into Supply, an article headed ' Shameful Tactics,' which alleged that two mail clerks who had been sent, it was alleged, out of Wiarton to Owen Sound, so that they would not be present at the election. The hon. gentleman (Mr. Sproule) therefore had this paper in his possession. It is the Wiarton Canadian and Liberal-Conservative Banner of North Bruce. He read this extract from the paper :
The Grit machine has commenced its work in connection with the North Bruce by-election, and the act which has been perpetrated this
week by the Tarte-Laurier combination is one of the most shameful.
That alone ought be sufficient to indicate to the hon. gentleman (Mr. Sproule) that there was an attempt to raise the race and religious cry. We who went through the contest in Ontario know how a sneer accompanied the utterance of these words on more than one occasion. But, if the hon. member for East Grey did not detect it from that, he might have turned to the editorial page and read this :
Who raised the race and religious cry in reference to the coronation oath ? Who but John Costigan, a member of the present Reform government.

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