April 21, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


James Murdock (Minister of Labour)



So far as I have had an opportunity to look into the matter, I believe that the figures contained in the Labour Gazette in regard to either the increase or the decrease in the cost of living are as nearly accurate as they can be made under all the circumstances. The Dominion statistician gets the figures in regard to the cost of all the commodities that go to make up the cost of living, and these figures are compiled as carefully as possible and put into shape for the Labour Gazette. As I say, they are as nearly accurate as they can possibly be made, although I have not the slightest doubt that any gentleman who cared to do so could prove that at some particular town or in some locality the figures were slightly different, one way or the other, from those given in the Gazette. Generally speaking, however, they are reliable.

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