April 21, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Wakem Caldwell



I would like to make a statement in regard to the ground limestone. In New Brunswick ground limestone is very badly needed; acid phosphate has a tendency to make the soil become acid, and the application of ground limestone is necessary to correct that condition, In order to provide our farmers with this limestone the provincial governemnt got a special freight rate from the railway companies which ensured the delivery of ground limestone anywhere in the province at $5 a ton. But when the last increase of freight rates came into effect, the rate on ground limestone was increased by about $2 a ton-I am not positive as to the exact amount, but that was the ap-
4 p.m. proximate increase. The result has been almost to prohibit the use of ground limestone in New Brunswick, to the great detriment of production. I

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think that this matter should be brought very forcibly to the attention of the Railway Commission. I have in my feeble way tried to do that, but I was informed in reply that you could produce an argument in favour of a reduction of freight rates on anything. That was a rather flippant way to deal with a question which is of the greatest importance, to us at least. When you increase the price of ground limestone from $5 to $7 or thereabouts, through increased freight rates, it is a very serious thing, and I would like to see some action taken to afford us relief.

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