April 21, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Arthur Meighen (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


No words of mine ever reflected in the least degree on the loyalty of western Canada, nor did any newspaper report that I ever read of any assertions of mine attribute such words to me. By the time, however, that they get on the lips of men who are anxious to make political capital, not for the sake of political reforms but for the sake of office, and to carry out in office exactly the things they denounced in opposition,-when they get around to the lips of men like that, they
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finally reach the form which perhaps Mr. Larkin might have copied. But, if Mr. Larkin is over there copying misrepresentations, it is time he returned. I am quite ready to accept the judgment of the Minister of Finance (Mr. Fielding). I cannot conceive that any man of Mr. Larkin's standing could make such a statement as this. I know what it is to be misrepresented, and I am not going to abuse Mr. Larkin until I know exactly what he said.

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