March 31, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Langton Church

Conservative (1867-1942)


He said there were
200,000 men out of work in Canada to-day. Of course there are 200,000 out of work in Canada and why not, the way the department of Labour is run?
There is something wrong in the conditions under which Canada has been living or is now living. There is a marked necessity for a demonstration of real brotherhood now and in the weeks to come.
He goes on to describe the labour and capital situation.
The labour problem of to-day is very largely a state of mind.
He has been in several states of mind recently.
"I am quite sure there are among you those who will not agree with that thought. I insist and intend to show that this is a state of mind. The attitude of the worker towards his tasks, his lot in life, relation to employer, standard of living, are all questions potent for good or ill in Canada. Labour and labouring men approach these questions in a somewhat unbalanced mental attitude or unbalanced viewpoint. Having suffered only too often they have become soured, discouraged, resentful, and in an improper state of mind, so that they cannot argue out the desires and rights of the workers and the desires and rights of the employers."
Mr. Murdock said he had visited a city some time ago where he had seen married ex-service men given doles. Unmarried ex-service men sleeping in buildings with only an army blanket over them and lined up outside waiting for a

bugle to blow in order that they might march inside and get a bowl of soup. All this had distressed the Minister's mind very much.
"It is all wrong," he declared, with sorrow in his voice. "The unfortunate part was that no provincial or municipal assistance could fbe secured, and so far as the interests represented by me were concerned, I was unable to move until the supervision of municipal and provincial authorities was secured.
"Let the people do something in Canada by real brotherhood.
"Can this unemployment question be dealt with? Yes. If we can only correct the state of mind which we know exists."
Then the employer of labour came in for some warning. There were some employers, the minister said, who are in such a state of mind that they have no right to employ members of the human family.

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