March 26, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edward Hackett



been told that in 1899 this was due to the Ameriean-Spanish war, which caused a great demand for steamships, and it was impossible to provide one to carry the products of Prince Edward Island to the markets of Great Britain. We were told last year that it was owing to the great demand for steamships on account of the South African war. This year up to this time the Minister of Agriculture (Hon. Mr. Fisher) says the matter is being negotiated. Sir, I would ask the hon. member for King's, P.E.I. (Mr. Hughes), to insist that the minister whom he follows so slavishly shall provide some accommodation for the farmers of Prince Edward Island.
Now, if there is one thing more than another for which the farmers of Prince Edward Island feel aggrieved, it is because this government has allowed American corn to come into the country free of duty. The growers of coarse grains, who have a large quantity for sale each year, find American corn coming in to compete with their products, which they have, in consequence, to sell at reduced prices. This is what this government have done for the people of Canada, especially for the farmers of Prince Edward Island.
Now, having said so much with regard to my hon. friend from King's, I want for one moment to refer to what was said a few nights ago by the hon. member for Alberta (Mr. Oliver). He made a very pleasing address. He discredited Ontario and the eastern provinces. He said, we in the west are the people-it is to the great west we must look for the future of Canada. He said that the exports of this country were largely made up from he products of Manitoba and the North-west Territories. This was a sectional cry. It was only intended for the hon. gentleman's constituents, and was not what ought to have been said in this House. We know that there is in that western country an area of the most fertile and valuable lands in the world : and we know that its immense possibilities remained closed to the people of Canada until the Conservative party built a railway and opened up that great country. If that country has such advantages that it is able to compete with and discount Ontario. Quebec and the maritime provinces, it is because of the action of the late Conservative government led by Sir John Macdonald and having as his Minister of Railways, Sir Charles Tupper.
Another hon. gentleman who delivered a very pleasing address the other evening was the hon. member (Mr. Wade) who comes from the far-famed valley of Annapolis and represents that district. He spoke at great length, and he spoke principally of apples. W~e know that in the Province of Nova Scotia from the far-famed valley of Annapolis and the home of Evangeline, are produced the finest apples to be found in the world. We know that the people there are not afraid
to compete with any other people, not only in Canada, hut in any part of the United States. But what did the hon. gentleman say ? Not satisfied with the advantages of his beautiful valley, which will be blossoming in a few weeks, spreading its fragrance around, he attacked the leader of the opposition, saying : These gentlemen fear Ontario, as they have a right to fear it, because the intelligent people of Ontario are rising in their might against them. The hon. member said to the hon. leader of the opposition that the only way you could protect the farmers of Nova Scotia was to prevent the farmers of Ontario slaughtering their products in the markets of Nova Scotia. I would ask the hon. gentleman if he is now in his seat, what product of Ontario has been slaughtered in the markets of Nova Scotia. The hon. gentleman is not present.
Hon. Mr. ROSS (Victoria, N.S.) Butter, for one thing, pork for another.

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