March 17, 1922 (14th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edward Mortimer Macdonald


Mr. MACDONALD (Pictou) :

I could begin by telling my hon. friend what disadvantages would he done away with. Probably that is the best way to answer. All that we are asking for is simply what we have had for forty years. Our condition is not the same as that of British Columbia. We are asking simply for the restoration of conditions which existed for forty years under both political parties, who interpreted the Imperial Act along certain lines. Situated as we are at one end of the Dominion, and to a certain extent out of the beaten track of operation of the trunk line railways in Central Canada, more particularly in the summertime, when the whole volume of
trade runs to and from the St. Lawrence, I contend that we should have intelligence and sympathetic management. The conditions of operation to which I refer have been enjoyed by us for forty years. British Columbia never had any such condition as that. There never was any operation along the lines we are asking for. Let me give an illustration. We hear about freight rates. My hon. friend told us that it . cost his constituents out west 50 per cent of the value of their oats to carry them down to Port Arthur.

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