June 3, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Alexander Kenneth Maclean


Mr. MACLEAN (Halifax):

When the insertion of these words, "in the public interest," was first suggested, I must say I was impressed with the proposal, although I do not like and never did like the use of the words "in the public interest" in any statute for the reason that it is almost impossible to give a definition to the phr'ase, and it is never wise to use these words if they can in any way be avoided, particularly in a statute. But I was satisfied that the words should not be in the statute when the minister spoke this afternoon and made the statement-a very direct statement-which he has just put to me in the form of a question. I say it is practicable for the commission to appoint a person to the astronomical service, or the Health Department for the purpose of carrying on research work, and I think it is in the public interest that the commission should make appointments of that kind.

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