June 3, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Henry Thompson


Mr. THOMPSON (Hastings):

The district I represent is one of the largest dairy districts in the country, and we have there a system of inspection in the factories which has been practised for thirty or forty years and has given complete satisfaction. Although last year the Ontario Dairymen's Co-operative Company was furnished by the Government with an inspector, and the factories were given the privilege of sending their cheese to this company, I do not believe that five per cent of their output was so sent. New Zealand has had its system for eighteen years, but to-day our cheese is selling from one to two cents more per pound than the New Zealand cheese. When I was in Picton a few weeks ago, the local cheese board passed a resolution asking that they be consulted. Last year, one factory in that district sent its cheese to Montreal to the co-operative company, but discontinued sending its cheese there during the season, and this year is selling its output on the local cheese board, along with all other factories in the county. I believe the Bill permits the minister to make regulations, and before those regulations are finally adopted, I ask that the members of the cheese boards throughout the country, who are the representative men of the dairy interests, be consulted.

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