June 2, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Edward Walter Nesbitt



There were three of us.
I have found both the Soldiers' Civil Reestablishment Board and the Pension Board very generous in sizing up all these cases. We find that sometimes a man's trouble gets worse, and when his case is reviewed the board always grants a pension if it comes within the Act. As a matter of fact, we do give the Pension Board liberty under certain circumstances to use their discretion, but the committee, ever since 1916, have been averse to allowing the Pension Board to have too much discretion, and have drawn the Act as well as they possibly could to cover every conceivable case. I can only repeat that I have found the Pension Board and the Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment very generous in all cases, and if they have erred at all they have erred in sympathy with the applicant.

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