June 2, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Flaws Reid

Unionist (Liberal)

Mr. REID (Mackenzie):

I have listened with a great deal of pleasure to the remarks of the Prime Minister in regard to the housing scheme, and also in regard to the share which the Provincial Government bears of the cost of taking care of the unemployed. While I am in accord with the Prime Minister as respects the housing scheme, I do not think it should be regarded as a plan to stimulate trade. In the first place, the Federal Government loans the money to the Provincial Government, which in turn loans it to the municipality, where it rests. The munic'nal government will then have to bear all the costs of depreciation, and depreciation may come in five years' time or sooner. This is a point which I wish the Prime Minister to consider; I think he should go a little further than he has gone. He tells us that the Federal Government carries one-third of the cost of taking care of the unemployed. I should like the Federal Government to do this in co-operation with the Provincial Government and the municipality. The Federal Government should bear one-third of the de-

preciation so that this will not all fall on the municipal government. I know for a fact that in several municipalities the scheme was not taken up because the municipal governments saw that it would throw the burden of depreciation altogether on them. This Government would be well advised seriously to consider approaching the Provincial Governments and the municipal governments if need be and proposing an arrangement all three governments would bear one-third each of the cost of depreciation.

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