June 2, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Allister Currie



Then I will talk of some other business in connection with it. What did the abolition of this customs tax cost the province of Ontario last year? I wish to discuss this because people in this House do not realize how it is causing hard times in this country. I think it would be of very great interest to the House for me to show how it is causing hard times. I do not want to put on Hansard another discussion on the Budget, but I think it is only fair to the people of this country who are paying the income tax, and who do not believe in an income tax, that I should give the facts. I believe that if a referendum were held in this country on which tax was preferred, an income tax or a customs tax, the vote would be four to one in favour of

the customs tax. Hon. gentlemen opposite do not seem to realize that. The province of Ontario imported last year from the United States, leaving out coal, $500,000,000 worth of goods, which should have paid the 7i per cent tax, and the people of that province paid in exchange to the Americans $58,000,000.

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