June 1, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


David Arthur Lafortune

Laurier Liberal


I hope the committee will allow me two or three minutes in which to. submit a petition I have received from the citizens of Ville Lasalle. I have reference to the town of La Salle which is next to Lachine. The resolution in question was passed at a meeting the proceedings of which are recorded as follows:
Province of Quebec, >
District of Montreal, ville Lasalle,
Office of the Municipal 'Council of the town of LaSalle.
Monthly and regular meeting of the Municipal Council of ville LaSalle, held on Wednesday, the 11th day of May, 1921, at eight o'clock p.m., in the hall of the Municipal Council of ville LaSalle, No. 13, Strathyre avenue, in the town of ville LaSalle, according to the provisions of the charts of the town.
At which meeting were present: His Honour the Mayor Anatole 'Carignan, and the Councillors Francois Xavier BSlanger, Cecil Platt [Newman, Charles Jean Mathieu, Malcolm Hodge, Thomas R. Smith, and Napoleon Alfred D'Amour, forming the whole of the imemlbers of this council, under the chairmanship of His Honour the Mayor Anatole Carignan.
F. Lafleur, the secretary-treasurer, is present.
Mr. S. A. Pelletier, legal adviser to the town, is present.
A report of the last meeting is read and approved.
Moved by Councillor N. A. D'Amour, seconded tby Councillor F. X. Bfilanger:
Whereas, St. Patrick street, along the south side of Lachine canal, within the limits of ville LaSalle is used for purposes of the canal.
Whereas the traffic on that street is very heavy and the street deteriorates very quickly.
Whereas the cost of maintenance of that street affects seriously the town's flnanow.

Whereas the town has rebuilt the surface of that part of the street east of the lift bridge opposite ville Saint-Pierre.
Whereas it is only just that the Government should help to repair that part of the street west of the lift bridge.
Resolved, that the Dominion Government Ibe requested to grant a certain amount of money to that town in order to help it to rebuild the surface of that part of St. Patrick street west of the lift bridge, which is in a very bad condition.
Ville LaSalle, May 13, mi.
True copy.
F. Lafleur, (Secretary-treasurer,
Ville LaSalle.
I wish to say that the traffic near the Lachine canal is so heavy that the street is considerably damaged every day by the heavy trucks, express wagons, and other conveyances passing through the town on the way to the canal. I hope the minister will look into this matter because it is only just that something should be done to help the municipality in the repair of that street. The property belongs to the Government, and such being the case it is only fair that they should come to the rescue of the corporation and do something in the desired direction. I will place the documents before the minister, together with a plan showing the portion of the street which is so much damaged. I am quite sure that when he considers the matter he will come to the decision to aid La Salle.

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