May 31, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Willis Keith Baldwin

Laurier Liberal


What I am about to
say is purely in the interests of Canada. A good deal has been said about Mr. Backus, and the Backus interests. Well, I think one may safely say that Mr. Backus overrides towns, provinces, legislatures, and even federal laws of the United States when they conflict with his interests. He is a man of indomitable courage and outstanding business ability, and he never allows anything to stand in his way. He will not be turned aside in his pursuit of any object, and there was never a firm of lawyers in the United States smart enough to make any contract which they could get Mr. Backus to sign before he had considerably altered and amended it to his own taste. He would erase, eradicate, add to, and re-write anything if it did not meet with his approval. I know that this is an advertisement for Mr. Backus, but I wish that this Canada had men of his kind. He owns great territory in the United States, and he even overrides the assessor and the tax-gatherer. I think he has the brains to override the Prime Minister of this country, the premier of Ontario, the Premier of Manitoba, and problably the leader of the Opposition.

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