May 31, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Fred Langdon Davis



That is the position in
which he has found himself. The consequence is that the Conservatives now are able to say that they are the people who are defending the people of Ontario from the machinations of Mr. Backus. On the other hand, our Liberal friends in this House are able to say that they are in the position of defending provincial rights, and that Mr. Drury is the man who is favourable to the avoidance of the sacrifice of the rights of Ontario. The result is that this is simply a "slim" game of politics that is being played, and that is being capped by the Government in this House now. If this

Bill is to be put through by the Dominion Government, I am going to support the Bill, but I do not want to appear to be hoodwinked as to what has been going on.

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