May 31, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Horatio Clarence Hocken



I have no hesitation, Mr. Chairman, in saying that the Government of Ontario does not represent the people of Ontario, on this question particularly. But it is my opinion-and it is the opinion held by the great mass of the people of Ontario-that whatever good things or whatever bad things Mr. Drury has done, this is certainly the worst m's-take he has made. He has given almost an empire of pulp lands to this man who

has already had many large concessions, who has enough without these water-powers, and who has too much for any one interest to have in any province of the Dominion. If this Bill does not pass, this man is given a year in which to go on with his manipulations and to put the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba in a very undesirable position. This legislation is simply protective of the province of Manitoba, as it is the duty of this Parliament to protect that province. Manitoba is not in a position to protect itself as regards its natural resources. Therefore, I say that, as regards the province of Ontario, there need be no fear that there will be any uprising of the people against a Bill of this kind. On the contrary, it will be a very serious disappointment to the people of Ontario if Mr. Backus is allowed to have another year to carry on his manipulations.

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