May 25, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)



As to the right that
authors have had in the past to endeavour to stop the reproduction of their works I am not in a position to give a definition of just precisely how it is to be done, nor do I think it belongs to us now to suggest, in connection with a Copyright Act, the creation of a right which I understand is a recognized right. What we were seeking to do was to leave that right, whatever its extent may be under common law or under the law as it now stands, unaffected by the fact, or affected as little as possible by the fact, that a license has been issued for the publication of that work. I have not gone into the question sufficiently to be able to give a very satisfactory answer as to what is the nature and extent of the right recognized by the law in an author, irrespective of copyright questions, to suppress his work. What we were seeking to do was to leave that right, so far as possible, unaffected by the fact that a license has been issued.

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