May 25, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Joseph Doherty (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



I would not feel that
we could expect to pass a Bill on the absolute line one way or the other. I an'

not without sympathy for. the views of the hon. member for St. James (Mr. Rin-fret), but I am quite confident that to do what he suggests would defeat the possibility of our passing the Bill. I would suggest that we have gone as far as we could possibly go, with one exception, in respect of which I propose to move an amendment. This amendment will recognize this further right of the author who has printed and published an edition, that he shall not be subject to have a second edition published and printed by a licensee if he has made up his mind that he does not want to publish any further editions. It has been pointed out to me that an author who has issued an edition, published either by himself or by someone else, may on reflection feel that his work ought to be revised. He may not any longer entertain all the opinions he expressed in that work, and this is particularly true in regard to scientific works. The progress of science is very rapid, and a man who may have written a work ten years ago, in which he committed himself to certain views on scientific problems, might find, through the process of time, that his views were no longer tenable. Under this and analogous circumstances, therefore, it does not seem right that the author should have a second edition of his work published against his judgment.

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