May 25, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Joseph Doherty (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



That property ought to be subjected to the consequences of the principle that all other property is. I am not suggesting that the case is absolutely analogous, but when we are extending this protection, is it an unfair thing to say to the author: Now that we are extending to you this special protection, we think that we ought at the same time to have present to our minds the interests of the Canadian people in connection with that publication. In the work there is the author's intellectual effort; there is also the printer's and publisher's material work. Now what we think we have achieved is to have done something to enable a Canadian to take part in that material work, at the same time giving full compensation to the author for the use of the intellectual work.
I have in mind also when we come to the clauses, by reason of representations that have been made to me since the committee met, to ask chat there be a provision that where the author has printed an edition in Canada and published it, and has made up his mind that he does not wish to issue any further editions, there shall be no license issued to publish a further edition. But we will take that up when we come to the clause. I would ask that this present clause, which is the British clause, be adopted as amended.
Section as amended agreed to.
On section 13-application for license to print book in Canada by others than owner:

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