May 7, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Murphy

Laurier Liberal


I hope not. I am
curious to know why nobody was appointed out of these dozen applicants and why the position is to be re-advertised. The fact that my hon. friend says he does not know anything about the matter merely increases my suspicion that some busybodies-with whom long residence in Ottawa makes us fairly familiar, no matter which Government is in power-have been at work. In another department a job-not to put too fine a point upon it-has been "framed up" for a person who is not even a resident of this country, and the qualifications have been so drawn -that they just apply to this

particular person and nobody else "would have a look in." Now, that is the point of my inquiry, and that is why I would like my hon. friend to obtain more details about this particular appointment than he seems to be in possession of to-day.

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