April 26, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Daum Euler

Laurier Liberal

Mr. W. D. EULER (North Waterloo) :

Mr. Speaker, I desire to draw the attention of the Prime Minister to a matter of urgent public importance in view of the fact that the income tax returns and payments must be made this week. On March 29 the attention of the Government was drawn to the difficulty experienced by the public in being compelled to compute the tax, and the uneasiness in the public mind with regard to certain penalties which might be applied. The suggestion was made then-I think it was by the hon. member for Maisonneuve (Mr. Lemieux)-that the method of last year should be continued this year, by which the statement was made out by the tax' payer, a bill forwarded to the taxpayer by the department, and the amount then paid in due course. The Prime Minister at that time replied as follows:
The Minister of Finance is unfortunately absent, being engaged this afternoon addressing an audience in the city. However, I feel safe in intimating-though nothing in the nature of a definite announcement can 'b'e made until his return-that the regulations have been under reconsideration, and I believe that the Minister of Finance has a method which he thinks of proposing that would not be open to objections of the nature suggested by the hon. member. I will call his attention to the matter.
So far as I know, Mr. Speaker, no further announcement has been made with regard to that, although the matter is of very considerable importance. In view of the uneasiness in the public mind and of the undoubted difficulty and perhaps inability on the part of taxpayers not only to make

out their statements but to compute the amount of tax which they have to pay, I would ask the Government whether they are ready to announce any new method, and if so what the nature of it is?

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