April 26, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Andrew Knox


Mr. ANDREW KNOX (Prince Albert) :

May I be permitted to draw the attention of the Government to a despatch appearing in La Patrie? This is the English translation :
Ottawa, April 25.-It has been authentically reported that Mr. J. N. Dupuis, president of Dupuis Fr&res, Montreal, has been appointed Senator and is going to he sworn to-morrow.
This appointment was on the Order of the Day lately, and to-day it is believed to be official.
Mr. Dupuis would then succeed to the late Senator Prince of Battleford (Saskatchewan).
In view of this despatch, I would ask the Government if they think it is in the interest, first, of North Saskatchewan, and secondly, of the West as a whole that a gentleman should be selected from Montreal to represent North Saskatchewan in the Senate?

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