March 30, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)



Laurier Liberal

1. Is the steamship "Laurentian" owned by the Government?
2. If so. when was she purchased? from whom? and what price was paid?
3. Was said steamer out of repair and tied up at Saint John for five months or for any time? If so, for what length of time?
4. During the time said steamer was so tied up in St. John how many of the crew remained aboard?
5. What were the wages per diem of said crew during the time she was so tied up?
6. Was said steamer repaired? If so, when were such repairs made? by whom? and what was the cost of such repairs?
7. Was this steamer under charter with any department of the Government prior to purchase, and if so, with what department, and what was paid per year under said charter.
8. Was the steamer at any time owned or under the control of the Davie Wrecking Company of Quebec and by said company offered for sale to the Government? If so, when and at what price?

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