March 30, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Hon. Mr. TOLMIE: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. The Internal Trade Division of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics publishes monthly the holdings of foodstuffs in cold storage throughout Canada. Late returns do not reveal anything that may be fairly interpreted as "hoarding". It is necessary, if the public is to be provided with many foods of seasonal production during the seasons of scarcity, that these foods should be carried somewhere and by someone from the season of flush production to the season of non-production. It is advisable that all perishable foods should be carried in cold storage and is absolutely necessary in the case of some, if they are to be preserved in the best condition and without waste.
2. The Government has already arranged for the publication of cold storage holdings of food products month by month. All the goods in cold storage are for sale at any time. If the returns indicate that there is a surplus over and above normal requirements the price is at once affected. There is no more effective regulator of prices. A large proportion of the foodstuffs held in cold storage is not owned by the owners of the warehouses but belongs to merchants, dealers, producers and consumers. In many warehouses none of the goods are owned by the proprietor of the warehouse.
3 and 4. Answered by 1 and 2.

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