March 17, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Donald Sutherland



No, Mr. Chairman, before leaving the item I think we might well learn something about the men who are at present in the service of the government before we place the power in the hands of the minister to have a lot more inspectors appointed through the Civil Service Commission, without any well defined knowledge as to what their qualifications are. I notice in the Public Accounts that there are a great many of these men who are receiving, I shall not say very high salaries, but very good stipends, and a bonus>
is also given to most of them. I would like to know from the minister whether or not it is intended to have this bonus continued. The bonus was given a few years ago as a "war" bonus and a great
many of these men did not go to the war. The word "war" was afterwards omitted and the grant called a straight bonus. I now wonder if that bonus is going to be perpetuated, and I would therefore ask how much of this proposed expenditure is for bonus and how much for straight salary.

Topic:   SUPPLY-RULE 17C
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