March 16, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. MARCIL (Bonaventure) :

Laurier Liberal

1. Has the attention of the Government been called to the following recommendation made by the Quebec Board of Trade to the chairman and members of the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, on February 3rd, 1921:
"We would also ask your commission to lend its influence in favour of the effort now being made by the Quebec Board of Trade, to remedy the painful situation in which the large population of the GaspO peninsula-nearly 80,000

now find themselves owing to defective railway service and the absence of cold storage and refrigerator car service, needed to give their fisheries, which for two centuries have been amongst the most important in the world, an opportunity to furnish the cheap food of fresh fish to Canadian cities, and at the same time the fisherman of GaspS coast a fair price for his catch. He now gets one-fifth of the price earned by the fishermen at Prince Rupert, who has these facilities. Our suggestion is that the Dominion Government should take over the 200 miles of railway from Mata-pfdia to GaspO, which runs for its entire length within sight of the fishing boat, and make it part of the Government Railway System."
2. If so, is it the intention of the Government to take any action?

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