March 15, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Hugh Guthrie (Solicitor General of Canada; Minister of Militia and Defence)


Hon. HUGH GUTHRIE (Minister of Militia and Defence):

In answer to my hon. friend's question I may say that yesterday morning a gentleman named the Rev. Mr. Oaten called at the Department of Militia and Defence and requested the privilege of using the Armoury building at Windsor for the purpose of a meeting under the auspices of the Dominion Alliance, and I at once gave instructions by wire to the headquarters of the Military District at London, in which district the city of Windsor is, to grant permission for the use of the Armoury upon the usual terms-the usual terms being that the buildings are not required at that particular time for military purposes, that a fee of $10 is charged, and that a patrol from the local fire brigade will be maintained during the meeting to protect the property.

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