March 15, 1921 (13th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Murphy

Laurier Liberal

Hon. CHARLES MURPHY (Russell):

For the purpose of asking a question, I
desire to bring to the notice of the right hon. the Prime Minister a report which appears in this morning's paper of a speech delivered yesterday before the Canadian Club at Vancouver by Captain Adams of the H.M.C.S. Aurora, in which, when referring to the ships of the Canadian squadron, he is alleged to have said:
Although these small ships were very good in their way, what the Dominion required was a striking force in time of war.
And later, that
England to-day is paying $17 a head of population for the maintenance of the great navy which protects us. It is time that Canada stepped in the breach and assumed her fair share of this burden.
I would now ask the right hon. gentleman if Captain Adams, when speaking as he is alleged to have spoken, did so with the knowledge or authority of the Government and if not, will the Government bring to the attention of Captain Adams the fact that the question of Canada's naval requirements is one to be determined by the representatives of the Canadian people, and not by one of their employees even though he be the captain of a ship.

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