June 29, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Gustave Benjamin Boyer

Laurier Liberal


By what means will the hon. member consult his electorate?
Mr. MoMASTER: By an election. I follow the leader of the Opposition (Mr. Mackenzie King), although this is not ia party question at all, in the view that the electorate should have an opportunity of declaring themselves before this legislation goes into effect. There is, however, this consideration which I wish to bring before the House. I am quite convinced by arguments which have been advanced An this debate and also from information that has come to me from other sources, that there are in this House members, especially those who live in remote parts of this country, who absolutely need the money. The cost of living has increased very substantially since we were elected in 1917, certainly since some of us were nominated early in 1917. Under those circumstances I would apply the same principle as has been applied to the Civil Service, and I think it would be proper and fitting that a bonus be granted. I would not be too niggardly in regard to that bonus. Those are my sentiments honestly expressed, I trust, expressed without heat, and with no desire to make political capital nor to hurt the feelings of any one.
Let me close by referring to a remark made by the hon. member for Three Rivers (Mr. Bureau), who reproached an hon. member because, after having been against .the last rise in indemnity, that member had taken the larger sum. I do not think that is a just or a generous criticism.

Topic:   EDITION.
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