June 23, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Clive Cooper



What I would direct attention to is schedule A-"Bonus outside Canada" and "Bonus in Canada." It seems to me that, under this head, we are making a provision that deliberately disregards the promises made to the men that came from the United States to join our forces. These men were unquestionably notified on enlisting that they and their dependents would without doubt participate in the full benefits given members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. They were told that their dependents 'would benefit to the same extent as dependents of men in the C.E.F. living in Canada.

Under the provisions made here there is no such 'benefit, .and it seems to me to. be absolutely unfair, especially with reference to the United States, because there were special inducements to men in the United States to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force. With reference to dependents in the Old Country, or South Africa, or Australia, I do not so strongly emphasize this point. But I do not think that the committee should pass this schedule as it now stands, at least so far as pensioners who *are now residing in the United Statets are concerned. The cost of living to them is as high as it is to us, and furthermore, we pay them in the Canadian dollar and do not compensate them for the loss in exchange. As regards the Old Country or any other part of the Empire where our own currency is at a premium the pensioner benefits, but in the United States she does not, and I think that this question of bonus should be carefully considered before being put into force.

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