May 7, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The POSTMASTER GENERAL (Hon. Sir William Mulock).

The answer is as follows :
In Manitoba.
Area earned and
Name of Railway. selected
and not patented. Acres.
Canadian Northern Railway 253,698-53
The company is proceeding with the selection of its lands and has advised the department from time to time of parcels of land it is willing to accept if found to be available. Patents are being issued for the lands selected.
Manitoba South-western Colonization Railway, 313,402-82 acres.
Patents for the lands earned by this company up to 900,000 acres can only be issued on the order of the Manitoba government, under the provisions of an order of His Excellency in Council, dated April 5, 188G, that province having aided the construction of the railway by the issue of debentures to the extent of $900,000.
In the North-west Territories.
Area earned and
Name of Railway. selected
and not patented.
Alberta Railway and Coal Company 22,048-42
The issue of patents for these lands is stayed at the request of the company for a short time pending readjustment as to a few hundred acres.
Calgary and Edmonton Railway, 304,288 90 acres.
The above area of selected lands, which is now in course of being patented, closes out the land grant of this company except an area of 407,402 acres held as security by the government under the transport contract between the government and the company, dated June 21, 1890.
Canadian Pacific Railway, main line, 3,044,635-53 acres.
These lands are in the Edmonton district and are unsurveyed. Contracts for the surveys are let. The lands will be patented as soon as surveyed.
Canadian Pacific Railway, Pipestone extension of Souris branch, 200,320-00 acres.
These lands are in a block of townships about thirty miles north of Battleford and are unsurveyed.

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