June 18, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Gustave Benjamin Boyer

Laurier Liberal


There is another objection to building between the two railway bridges, and that is the great cost of building the approaches, which is a very serious objection. However, if the minister can convince thp Grand Trunk Railway Company of the feasibility of this highway bridge between the two railway bridges, I would like to know if the Government will help in any way towards the cost of construction. The first estimate was $300,000. The minister himself told me that we must add a large sum to that estimate. Supposing the bridge will cost $500,000, and the province of Quebec will contribute $250,000, then the municipalities would have to contribute the balance, if the Federal Government does not assist. But the municipalities are not able to do so. Already they have expended nearly a million dollars on improved highways, and in that way they are setting a good example to the country. The proposed bridge will be used not only for local traffic, but for interprovincial traffic, for this will be the connecting link of the provincial highways between Toronto and Montreal. Therefore it is only reasonable that we should have assistance from the Federal Government.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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