June 18, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Gustave Benjamin Boyer

Laurier Liberal


The Provincial Government have promised to subscribe fifty per cent of the cost of a new bridge at the point referred to provided the Dominion Government would do the same. The late Mr. Monk promised that the Federal Government would contribute its -share, not because the proposed bridge was interpro-vineial, but by reason of the fact that it would be a public utility. Under the circumstances, I do not see why the Government should not carry out the undertaking entered into by that gentleman. In the event of the Dominion and provincial authorities contributing toward the cost of a bridge at St. Anne the municipality of Isle Perrot will do its share.
A committee composed of some of the most influential men in the industrial and professional life of Montreal interviewed the Federal Government a few weeks ago to secure a grant towards the construction of this bridge, but they were told: " We have heavy commitments to meet and we must be economical." Well, we are ready to admit that principle of economy, but it should be applied impartially to every part of the country. If the Government is ready to build a bridge at Banff or anywhere else, presumably it is because it is a necessary public work. This bridge that I am asking assistance for is also a necessary public work, and therefore I submit the Government should treat it in the same way as it treats the Banff bridge* they should build it or contribute towards its cost. The Boards of Trade of Toronto and all the towns between Toronto and Montreal have sent resolutions to the Government recommending the construction of this bridge, and its importance and necessity is admitted generally. I do not know why the Government is so parsimonious in this particular case. I would suggest that it grant substantial financial assistance towards the construction of this very important bridge at Ste. Annes and Vaudreuil.

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