May 25, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Daum Euler

Laurier Liberal

Mr. W. D. EULER (North Waterloo):

I would like to bring to the attention of the Government a matter of great public importance There appears to be a state of unrest among certain of the postal enn-p'oyees with threats of a strike. I understand that the Government have introduced a Bill, which has been given its first reading, providing for increased remuneration to the postal employees dating back to April 1 of last year, but so much time has elapsed in bringing this legislation into effect that the men concerned are very much dissatisfied. I would therefore ask the Government what is being done in the matter, an I whether they can make any pronouncement as to when the added pay, if any, will reach the men.
Hon. NEWTON W. ROWELL (President of the Privy Council): As my hon. friend has stated, a Bill is now before the House which, when passed, will authorize the payment of the moneys which the Pod Office employees desire to secure. That Bill would have been proceeded with before this had not so much time been taken up with the Franchise Bill which had the right of way.

As soon as that measure is disposed of the Bill in question will be proceeded with The matter can then be dealt with.

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