April 8, 1920 (13th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. Mr. GUTHRIE: (Minister of Militia and Defence; Solicitor General of Canada)


1. Military Districts 4 and 5 and part of Military District 3 are in the province of Quebec.
2. The counties of Compton, Richmond and Wolfe are in Military District No. 5. The county of Stanstead is in Military District No. 4.
3. The number of military police employed in the province of Quebec is not immediately available, and could only be obtained with great difficulty, as no specific date is given,
and the numbers varied from time to time as circumstances demanded.
Members of the corps of military police received C.E.F. regimental rates of pay and allowances of their rank, and, in the case of non-commissioned officers and men, $1 per diem extra duty pay.
4. When travelling on duty away from their station, military personnel of the Canadian Military Police Corps received their actual and necessary travelling expenses but in no case exceeding $6 per diem for officers and $3 for other ranks.
5. All the military police in Military Districts 3, 4 and 5 have been struck off strength on general demobilization.

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