November 8, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie

Laurier Liberal


Whiat representations from the shipping interests has the minister received? Can he give any evidence or satisfactory proof to the House derived from recognized shipping interests that there are objections in British Columbia to paying the pilotage dues? I am not familiar with the developments in regard to pilotage which the minister appears to have found out so recently. I know that a small schooner leaving Sydney and going to Halifax has to pay pilotage dues. The minister may shake his head but I have been in negotiation, as the lawyer for a client, trying to get from the pilotage authorities of the port of Halifax, $9 paid in pilotage fees by the owner of a small schooner. I did not get the money back. They refused to give it back; they said it was the law and that the owner of this schooner bad to pay pilotage due's coming into Halifax harbour because he was in the same class as anybody else. My hon. friend seems to have discovered a new law by which a great percentage of the shipping on our coasts goes free. I think that if he will inquire he will find that boats carrying coal from Louisburg to the New England States pay pilotage coming into the harbour of Louisburg. I am not giving that as a certainty but I would like my hon. friend to inquire. If a recognized body of shipowners, or a shipping federation, on the Pacific coast represent to this Government that they should not pay pilotage dues it is a matter for serious and proper consideration. But we have not heard of any such request from them, and until we have such I think this very important class of men- the pilots-should have some consideration. My hon. friend seems to be willing to brush the pilot aside and give hi's attention altogether to the shipowner. They are both very necessary to the commerce of this country and they should both receive fair treatment.

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