November 8, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie

Laurier Liberal


Any pilot on the Atlantic coast who lost his pilotage dues is provided by this Parliament with a fixed salary. Now we are taking away the pilotage dues on the Pacific coast and substituting nothing. We are stripping them of their incomes and giving them nothing to take their places. The hon. member (Mr. A. K. Maclean) shakes his head. If he says that he is not taking away their incomes and that he is substituting something, I will have nothing to say. We must have pilots. Some of the ships on the coast of British
Columbia going to the United States may not require pilots, but there are ships coming into these harbours that will require pilots, and unless there is some sufficient provision made to encourage pilots to remain at that business there will be no pilots at all. I would like to be satisfied in the general interest of the country and of its shipping that sufficient provision is being made for pilots on the Pacific coast to keep them at this work. If their dues are being removed or taken away it seems that something else will have to be substituted to take their place, and I have not been satisfied on that point.

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