November 8, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie

Laurier Liberal


I remember the Bill that my hon. friend refers to very well. It was before this House at a late stage of the last session. I remember discussing it with the minister at the time. I am pretty sure that it does not provide for salaries for the pilots on the Pacific coast. It fixes pilotage salaries on the St. Lawrence, and I think it has something to do with pilotage on the Atlantic coast at ports such as St. John, Halifax and Sydney. But it has not yet gone into operation. I remember telling the minister that he would find a good deal of trouble because all pilots whose salaries were not fixed would be looking for their fixation. The hon. member for Vancouver (Mr. Stevens) will find there is no provision made for fixing the salaries of pilots on the Pacific coast in so far as any legislation of this House isi concerned. For that reason, although I have no request from, the pilots on the Pacific coast, I would be very sorry to cut down the little income-or whatever it may be, big or little-that the pilots on the Pacific coast are receiving.

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